Corozal Bay Seafront Lot for Sale- SOLD

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Parcel  Location:  Corozal Town – Consejo Road SE

Lot size : 68 ft of  seafront and 200ft length

Title: Title Absolute – Parcel 1817

$115,000.00 USD (negotiable)

Agent Phone # 813-486-8220

Wake up each day to an enchanting view of the crystal sparkling Caribbean Sea overlooking Corozal Bay. Corozal Town is a town in the nation of Belize located about 84 miles north of Belize City and 9 miles south of the border with Mexico. The small town has a population of about 10,000.00 people. Much of the town is built over an ancient Mayan city.  Today there are  a number of Mayan  temples, plazas, ball courts, canals, and minor structures. The most interesting artifacts so far discovered are the five jade head pendants. 

Corozal Town is rich in history, culture,  beauty and ideally located…



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