24.993 Pristine Acres of Land For Sale- PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE- No Longer Available

24.993 Acres of Land
Land for Sale

Parcel  Location: 

24.993 Acres Of Land situated WEST OF THE BOOM -HATTIEVILLE ROAD, Approximately 2 miles From its Junction WITH THE GEORGE PRICE HIGHWAY, BELIZE DISTRICT Bounded and described as shown by plan No. 112 of 2018

Total Acreage:24.993

Price:  US $30,000.00 (thirty thousand US dollars) + closing fees 

   BZ $60,000.00 (sixty thousand BZD dollars) + closing fees 

Agent Name: Aria Lightfoot 

Agent Phone/WhatsApp# 813-486-8220

Agent Email: arialightfoot@gmail.com  

Unique opportunity to invest  and create your own paradise in the Belize – 24.993 acres of undeveloped land ideal for private use, farming and/or commercial development.  The property located about 2 miles into the Boom road from Hattieville and approximately 1/4 mile from the road to the property;  about 20 miles from the Belize City and about 25 miles from the Capital City Belmopan. 


google earth hattieville 2

google earth hattie ville

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